Appointment time will be limited this year. We are encouraging everyone to drop off their information and we will contact you when your return is complete.

This will speed up the process time. If needed, we will contact you for information needed to complete your return. All return information submitted will be completed on a first come first serve basis. You will have an opportunity to review your return before it is electronically filed.

E-file returns include Federal and State. All city returns must be mailed. If you worked only part time in a city, you must provide with your return a letter from your place of business indicating your hours worked in the taxing city.

Click Here For A Printable PDF Version Of Our Tax Return Checklist

Your Tax Preparation Appointment And Drop Off Checklist:

*Has your marital status changed?

*Are you being claimed as a dependent by another person?

*Are there any changes in the dependent information from last year?

1. Social Security Numbers and birthdates of ALL dependents

2. W-2’s

3. 1099’s for interest and dividends (savings accounts, money markets, mutual funds, stocks etc.)

4. Purchase date and cost of stocks and mutual funds sold

5. Other income including Social Security, alimony, canceled debt, lottery winnings, jury duty, unemployment, tips, etc.

6. Rental Property income and expenses

7. Copies of K-1’s (Partnership and S-Corps)

8. Pension or IRA distributions 1099’s

9. IRA Contributions

10. Child Care Expenses, must include providers name, address, SS number or EIN number

11. College Tuition and Expenses

12. Itemized Deductions:

o Medical Expenses

o Home Mortgage Interest

o Real Estate Taxes

o Vehicle License Fee

o Contributions (cash and goods)

o Investment Expense

o Education

o Job Seeking

o Safe Deposit Box

o Uniforms

o Tax Prep Fees

o Custodial Fees

o Employee Business expense

o Casualty Losses

o Interest on other loans, separated

13. Closing Papers from purchase, sale, or refinance of residence

14. Record of Federal and State estimated tax payments

15. Rent, include landlords name and address

16. Sales Tax paid on large ticket purchases (car, furniture, boats etc.)

Click Here For A Printable PDF Version Of Our Tax Return Checklist